Businesses You Can Start with a Background in Software Development

Many people attend school or get into a trade to further their knowledge and help them get into a career they want to have for the rest of their working lives. After getting into the workforce and settling into a career, though, some people still feel dissatisfied—they feel as though they are limited and unable to use all of their skills and abilities, and may even feel that the entire company they work for is run inefficiently. After a while, they decide that they want to start their own business and operate on their terms and the way that they think will be most efficient and effective.


Many would-be entrepreneurs want to start a business but aren’t sure how to get things going. They may not be able to settle on an idea for the type of business or may not know whether or not they want to start out freelancing or launch a startup. If you’re feeling dissatisfied with your current job and want to set out on your own, there are a number of different businesses you can start with your background in software development. There are also a lot of tools that you can use like online logo creators, pre-made business plan templates, budgeting software, etc. to help you get off the ground.


App Development


As of 2016, there were 149.3 billion apps downloaded, and Statista has projected that that number will increase to 352.9 billion by 2021. It seems like there’s an app for everything these days, and if there’s not, there should be. People use apps for tracking health and fitness, following celebrities, finding recipes for dinner, finding restaurants for when they don’t want to cook, keeping track of their time spent on a project, keeping school assignments straight, and everything else you can think. Some businesses are even solely app-based, connecting users to each other and providers through the mobile application.


App development is something that you can easily do freelance and build a name for yourself throughout the community, but it is also something that you could launch a business around. Rather than joining a firm or trying to go solo, you could launch your own company that specializes in the development of specific types of apps and hire other talented developers like yourself.


Game Development


Whether it be video games played on a console, video games played on a PC, or mobile games played through Facebook or other gaming apps, gaming is on the rise, and there’s a need for skilled game developers. If you aren’t a very creative type, you could partner with a visionary and create unique video games together. If you want to go solo, though, you can start by designing games for Facebook for millions of people around the world to play. Game development can be a lot of fun, and seeing people play your game(s) after it’s released is a satisfaction that is hard to beat.


Database Administration


Every company has a database that needs management and maintenance. As companies grow and technology evolves, their database systems need to be updated, modified, and made more secure. They often need troubleshooting and backup as well. In the case of database administration, going freelance is a good idea—because you are your only employee the earnings stay in your pocket and there is likely to be very little overhead that needs to be taken care of (plus you will be able to offer a competitive price to your customers).


As you get into database administration, you can further your education and collect certifications to help demonstrate your expertise to your clients and build up trust and confidence with them.




In today’s Internet-focused world, every business should have an online presence. While many do have websites, there are still too many that don’t. Even after they have a website, though, businesses need someone who can manage the coding and different versions of the site as well as troubleshoot bugs and manage things on the back end. Starting a business that offers webmaster services would allow you to take on a number of clients and manage the technical side of their websites for them—you could even do it remotely, putting your skills to use but enjoying the freedom and flexibility of your own business.


Software Development Education


If you have a lot of experience in a certain aspect of software development or have had your finger in every pie at one point or another, you can share your knowledge and expertise with others who are interested in learning. Whether you share that knowledge on a blog and through eBooks, via a webinar, or offer exclusive courses or seminars throughout the nation, it’s a great way to practice and share your skills while earning money.


What other types of software development businesses could you start?